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Certain games are already fetching a pretty sum!

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There is a mild buzz in the air with speculation about the Wii u, it looks like other players and collectors are tipping this console to be the next Virtual Boy.

While I do not see the console becoming a rarity (I dont think any modern console itself will ever be rare) the games on the other hand are already showing difficult to obtain. Certain games that have been discontinued or moved to download only are on the rise.

It's clear that some Wii U games are hard to come by and are rising in price but does this represent a collectable of the future? The Wii U its self is the current console of Nintendo and usually collectors editions and other specific releases are reserved for the collectors market. The Wii U has done something rather unique and it's the first time we have seen anything like it.

Games that had a psychical release have been pulled from the shelves and are now only available through the estore, other games that had a release have been simply discontinued. Take a look at the following table that shows a few of the games and their current sealed asking prices.

New Super Luigi U£175.00
LEGO The Hobbit (Bilbo Baggings mini figure)£102.00
One Piece: Unlimited World Red£84.99
Need for speed wanted£59.99
Tekken Tag Tournament 2£51.06

So your thinking, so what. A few games that are sealed are on the rise - Nothing special. Well here is the thing, these games are to a degree available. Sealed you may have to hunt them down but there are a good amount of Wii U games not in the list that are very hard to find sealed or not. These games fetch £40+ and are also on the rise.

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 with the English text (UK flag on the front cover) is very hard to find sealed or not! And both the Pacman adventure games are going the same way.

Is the Wii U the collectable of the future, I dont know. The fact is the harder to find games are already on the rise and the only real question is this...

Collectable of the future or a fad thats going to fade when we see the NX

Let us know what you think.

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