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'a great event to attend just for the vibe'

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With all the recent focus on online multiplayer, it’s easy to forget that old school multiplayer gaming is still very much alive and kicking.

We’re lucky enough to be based in Nottingham, where the UK’s National Videogame Arcade Game City recently opened. It’s a fantastic place to explore in its own right, and it’s also the home of StreetPass East Midlands StreetPass East Midlands, a group dedicated to everything Nintendo-related.

We headed down to the function room to be greeted with a whole range of retro goodness to newer releases. A Super nintendo SNES, Nintendo N64, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and, Wii U were all set up with their respective versions of Mario Kart, and we couldn’t resist a quick game.

Whilst we love online gaming, sometimes there’s nothing better than the competitiveness and swearing of people in the same room as you share victories and defeats. And that’s what’s so powerful about group gaming: even if you don’t have a controller in your hands, you’re still part of the experience. You still choose who to root for, whose part of the screen to look at.

One of the great things about this event, aside from the venue, and the games on offer, that there really is something for everyone. If you like a particularly niche game or have a guilty pleasure game but can never find anyone to play with, a StreetPass event is perfect. Pretty much everyone is up for playing something, even if they aren’t old enough to have enjoyed it the first time around!

StreetPass East Midlands’ events attract people of all ages and all backgrounds with a common interest in Nintendo, and bringing everyone together in one room means you can enjoy games from different perspectives, whether it’s the rush of a new time trial personal best or revisiting your childhood by hearing the squeals from the younger gamers. All in all, it’s a great event to attend just for the vibe.

As well as various tournaments, StreetPass East Midlands also has a gaming raffle and an art contest along with plenty of free play gaming and, of course, streetpassing! We couldn’t turn up without donating something to the cause (the very worthy Special Effect specialeffect.org.uk benefits from the only paid part of the event, the raffle). A framed original Donkey Kong themed piece from Spectrum magazine was our choice of memorabilia donation this time, and we plan to donate many more raffle prizes in the future.

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