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Retro hidden gems

Category: retro
One of the questions always asked, what are the best games for X computer/console? I am sure you have been asked this very question and while it's a good question for a new player to ask if they are thinking of getting an older system for playing retro games on there is something that no one ever talks about, this is the topic for this post, its simple but rare.

What games have you discovered since owning an older system? We all know the best games you had the first time round but what games did you discover while retro gaming?

For me there are several, the most recent was Paper Mario 1000 year door, me and my girlfriend played this together and it was a fantastic find and many hours spent. We later get a copy of Paper Mario 64 and while a good game it's certainly not as good as the Gamecube's sequel in my opinion. Another game I played to death was on the Sega Saturn, being into RPG games and Zelda masssively this should have been a given but as I never had a Sega Saturn when it was released I was only ever going to play this post release plus 10 years. That game is Story of thor 2, the game is fantastic and I spent hours completing it, it has puzzles and spirits that are used to gain access to special areas or do specific things very much lize Zelda games.

Such a simple thing but us gamers should shout more about the games we wish we had found when a console was released but didnt find until later while retro gaming.

What games have you discovered long after a computer or consoles sell by date?

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