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Reproduction for your collection?

Category: vgm
Is a reproduction a fake? I think so, but the retro scene is being filled with these items and it seems the retro community is welcoming them with open arms.

Reproduction items are fake, you can put any spin on it you want but the same applies. Fake!

It looks like these fake items are with as and are here to stay, we are seeing more and more fake items being sold as reproduction items and they are selling. In fact there are several eBay sellers selling nothing but these reproduction items. Why so harsh you may be thinking, they are saying reproduction and they are doing no harm in personal collections. We will come back to that, but lets take a look at what "reproductions" we are seeing.

A quick search on auction sites lists a couple of reproduction items, NES games, Genesis games, super Nintendo. The list goes on, these cartridges look like the original and to the unsuspecting collector they will not know they are reproductions until they open the cart up with a gamebit screwdriver. Here lies the problem, it's fine to have a reproduction made by you for your own collection but selling them for profit should be stopped. Right now they are sold, going into a collection with "value" perceived by the buyer.

When they sell their items or collection it may get sold as a reproduction right? Well have you ever played Chinese whispers, the same applies here. As items are moved and sold they will end up being sold as originals and the buyer is not going to know to open it up and check. A quick search on google shows hundreds of results where buyers have been bitten already, granted most sellers are advertising then as reproductions but it does not make it right and in 10 years time when we start seeing high prices paid for fake items remember that the community is accepting it by buying from these sellers.

The biggest market for these reproductions I see right now is boxes for games, again sold as reproductions. Lucky for us the quality of these varies and most are obvious fakes. You think these sellers are doing a service? Well if that is true, why are rare game reproduction boxes sold for more than a common game?

I agree a reproduction item has its place but in a personal collection, and an item that's been made by the collector for their collection. Simply mass producing these items and calling them reproductions is not acceptable for me personally and honestly I am shocked the original manufactures have not made a complaint or two. After all, I am willing to bet they do you have permission to sell these fake items. The problem is not now its one to come in the future, while these are being sold as reproductions its only a matter of time before they start being passed off as originals.

There is another side to this as always. There are projects out there that specifically make new containers for your games, thecoverproject.net does just this and its not about making fake reproduction items. This site promotes making a new box using a universal game case and a custom cover that is not meant to be like the original. These items when made up look very good in a collection and in my opinion do add value to your collection, after all storage is useful. As these covers have no intention of being what they are not and look good when shelved up I much prefer these over a reproduction fake for my collection.

What's your thoughts on these reproduction items? should we be welcoming reproductions into our collections?

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Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I'll send this information to him. Fairly certain he's going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing!
Glad you enjoyed it Johnd, its a touchy subject and one I know my readers have high opinions about.
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