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A serious tool for serious collectors

Category: vgm
Have you ever struggled to keep tabs on your collection? Wondered what the current value of your collection is? How about if your collection is going up or down in value.

Well video game market is here to help because today we launched our own custom collection manager for those who need a serious tool for a serious job. We all want tools to make our lives a little but easier and managing a video game collection can be hard work in its self. That's why we have launched our very own collection manager tool at Video Game Market.

With our collection manager you can see at a glance the condition of each item and its components so you know the exact condition of a manual for example. If you ever get a better condition item to replace it, you can just update it in the list.

There are also useful stats, how much of a game set you have and need as well as details of your current games. EG what percent of your current items are complete.

The best feature is the pricing and value, you can see a reasonable estimation of what your current collection is worth, its monthly change (IE if your collection is increasing in value or not) and an estimated value of what you need to complete the set.

You can fine our collection manager HERE

These are just our launch features and we plan on adding more soon but if you have any ideas or suggestions please comment below.

Oh and enjoy using it to manage your collections.

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